Genetics at Eurofins Megalab

The most advanced techniques for genetic diagnostics

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Genetics at Eurofins Megalab

Diagnosis of hereditary diseases

Eurofins Megalab has a Clinical Genetics Unit that offers a 360º service for medical specialists. This unit is comprised of 5 independent laboratories that are highly specialised, contain the latest technology and are staffed by experts in each of its areas.

All while meeting the highest standards of quality and service.

Leaders in clinical genetics

Both the pricing of the tests and the response time are highly competitive.

Personalized attention

View our catalogue or contact us with any question you may have, at

Advantages of our genetic consultancy

Personalised service

We offer personalised services, adapting our tests to the specific needs of each case. We also offer a genetic advisory service with geneticist doctors, both before and after the test, which may be face-to-face (check availability) or online.

Clinical innovation

Our genetic advisory service helps to better understand the causes leading to diseases.


Genetic advisory leads to a correct diagnosis and a better assessment of the patient’s clinical evolution and prognosis.


Another advantage of offering personalised consultancy is the possibility of providing the best-suited treatment for each case.

Family segregation tests

These help to identify first-degree relatives who are bearers of the mutation causing the genetic disorder and those who are at risk of developing it.

A specialised team

Our qualified team of doctors and biologists, who have clinical experience, provides clinical specialists with real-time advisory services on the various technical or testing options, helping in the diagnostic algorithm of the various pathologies that specialists encounter in their daily clinical practises.

Latest generation technology


Dynamic NGS panels

Our NGS panels, based on exome analysis, are dynamic and can be adapted according to the patient’s phenotype.


High coverage

Our panels have high coverage and depth of analysis, in order to offer ample diagnostic capabilities.


Full reports

Our reports, drafted by geneticists, offer results with a marked clinical interpretation, which helps the medical specialist in the differential diagnosis and helps with the patient’s decision regarding treatment.


International clinical guidelines

We produce detailed clinical reports that are easy to interpret, following international clinical guidelines. The reports are based on various databases and on in silico pathogenicity predictors.

Megalab is currently one of Spain’s largest laboratories.
All of our laboratories are subject to strict in-house and external quality assurance protocols.