What are cookies on computers?

Also known as browser cookies or tracking cookies, cookies are small text files, often encrypted, that are placed in browser directories. Web developers use them to allow their users to navigate more easily and to develop certain functions. Because of their central role in augmenting and even enabling certain website processes, disabling cookies may prevent users from using certain web pages.

Cookies are created when a user’s browser loads a particular page. This page sends information to the browser, which then creates a text file. Each time that the user returns to the same page, the browser recovers this file and sends it to the page server. Cookies are not only created by the website that the user is visiting, but also by other websites that develop advertisements, tools or other elements present on the page that is being loaded. These cookies control how advertisements should appear or how tools and other elements of the website work.

How can I configure cookies?

Most browsers currently allow the user to configure whether to accept cookies and which ones. These settings are usually found in the ‘Options’ or ‘Preferences’ menu of your browser.

These are the instructions for configuring cookies in the main browsers, these instructions are guidelines and may be changed at any time by those responsible for them:

What type of cookies are used on this website?

EXAMPLE MODEL “Requires revision and adaptation to the real situation of cookies on the site”

Cookies, depending on their permanence, can be divided into session or permanent Cookies. The former expires when the user closes the browser. The latter expire when the purpose for which they are used is fulfilled (for example, so that pages are always displayed in the same language) or when they are manually deleted.

In addition, depending on their purpose, cookies can be classified as follows:

Cookies Declaration:

Cookie namePurposeOwn/Third partyDurationWhen is it installed?
Session cookieTechnicalOwnSessionWhen accessing the website
_fbpTechnicalThird parties20 daysWhen accessing the website
wp-wpml_current_languageCookie required for language selectionThird parties1 dayWhen accessing the website
_gaAnalytics cookie from Google Analytics, used to distinguish between usersThird parties2 consecutive yearsWhen accessing the website
_gidAnalytics cookie from Google Analytics, used to distinguish between usersThird parties24 consecutive hoursWhen accessing the website
_cmpQcif3pcsupportedDetermines whether the visitor has accepted the cookie consent box. This ensures that the cookie consent box will not be presented again on login. SessionOn login

This website, like most websites, includes functional features provided by third parties.

Our site is a live site and may include new designs or services from third parties. This may occasionally change the cookie setting and may result in cookies being set that are not detailed in this policy.

The third-party cookies used on our website installed by third-party domains are as follows:

OwnerNameWhen is it installed?DescriptionDurationFurther information
google.com/esNIDWhen browsing the webMap services provided by Google. Google Maps cookies record the origin of the user and allow a count of how many times a user visits the site. They are technical and personalised cookies.Dependent on Google’s policiesClick here
google.com/es1P_JAR ANID CONSENTWhen browsing the webCookies stored on the user’s computer in order to stay logged into your Google Account when you visit their services again. As long as you remain logged in and use plugins on other websites such as ours, Google will use these cookie to improve your user experience. The purposes of cookies are varied: management of preferences, analysis of user behaviour, security, identification of users, etc.The duration depends on the type of cookie installed: From 10 minutes to 20 years   Google cookies are outside of our control. To consult Google’s cookie policy, Click here
doubleclick.net_psegs Permutive-id Permutive-session DSID IDEThe cookie is sent to the browser after any printing, click or other web activityCookies are used to target advertising that is relevant to a user, improve campaign performance reporting and avoid showing ads that the user has already seen.From 72 hours to 623 daysClick here
FacebookfrWhen browsing the website and using the social pluginThese cookies are from Facebook. They are used to show the “Like” button and to show the number of followers1 monthClick here
Consensu.org_cmpQc3pChkKeySessionDetermines whether the visitor has accepted the cookie consent box. This ensures that the cookie consent box will not be presented again on login.Session