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Eurofins Megalab will be carrying out COVID tests in Murcia airport.


From Monday to Sunday: 8:00 – 1:00

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Info telephone number

Opening hours from 8:00 to 20:00

900 100 880

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Eurofins Megalab extraction centers in Spanish airports.

Aena has provided Eurofins Megalab, Spain’s leading company for clinical analysis, designated spaces in Spanish airports for the installation of laboratories for Covid-19 diagnostic testing.

This agreement confirms the commitment of Eurofins Megalab to fight the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, which contributes significantly to recuperation of aerial traffic of our country, the key element for reactivation of tourism activity and the country´s economy in general.

Eurofins Megalab has been already present at the following airports: Murcia.

Eurofins Megalab has designed an ON LINE system for purchasing the test, booking an appointment and access to a consultation about the test results. Its objective is to minimize the risk of contagion and spreading of the virus.

Available tests

  • PCR test
  • Quick PCR test.
  • Detection of antigens. Rapid test.
  • Detection of IgG and IgM antibodies. Rapid test. Except in Parking Barcelona Airport.

Who is this for?

This service is designed to facilitate the diagnostic testing of COVID-19 to passengers and tourists who might need to present negative test results at their destination airport, or who in case of not presenting the test must quarantine for a certain period of time.

In any case this service will be available to all types of passengers and tourists (arrivals and departures), accompanying persons, flight crew and on land staff, airport workers.  

It is important to mention that some of the airports have applied measures restricting the transit of passengers and tourists without a boarding pass. Please, consult if these restrictions apply in your airport.

We would like to remind, that it will be only permitted to remain at the airport premises for the time strictly necessary for realization of the diagnostic test.

The extraction centers

The designated spaces will have separate areas for testing and waiting. Both areas are designed with all the necessary security measures in order to avoid agglomerations and possible contagions.

The privacy of a passenger or a tourist will be always guaranteed.

In case of a positive test result all the established by competent health authorities medical alert protocols will be activated.

How to purchase the test and book the appointment?

There are two different options to access this service:

  1. Through an App that can be downloaded from this website using the QR code (available for ANDROID and IOS).
  2. Directly through the following link


The process is very simple, regardless of which option you choose:

  1. You must register providing the obligatory information, such as name, last name, gender, nationality, DNI or passport, address of residency, email and a contact phone number.
  2. After that you will receive a confirmation email with an access code which you must introduce in order to continue the process.
  3. Next step is to choose the airport where you want to carry out the test, the date of the test, introduce the boarding pass data and the flight number, choose the type of test, payment method and accept the privacy policy.
  4. After completing the abovementioned steps you will receive a QR code with the appointment information (available for download) that you will need to present at the laboratory’s admission in order to facilitate the administrative process of registering the patients and to avoid unnecessary agglomerations and waiting lines.
  5. Only credit card payments are accepted in the laboratories.

The system accepts online payments for the purchased services (card or Paypal). Except in Parking Barcelona Airport.

The maximum estimated time of receiving the test results is 12 hours.

What to do in case of a positive test result?

We must remind that in the case of a positive test result of SARS-CoV-2 a person must comply with existing regulations and follow the rules established by the health authorities of the autonomous communities in order to prevent the spread of the virus to other people.

The person should abandon the airport premises immediately, arrange the transfer to the place of confinement and contact their doctor or competent Health Authorities and follow the instructions given by them.

Direct contacts and cohabitants must be informed about the positive test result, in order for them to maintain quarantine. These people must also contact their doctors or competent Health Authorities and follow their instructions.


Below are the links where you can find more information and find Health offices of different autonomous communities.”.

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