Anatomic Pathology

Human anatomic pathology refers to the area of medicine that diagnoses different diseases by studying surgical sections, cytologies, autopsies and biopsies.

Our laboratories have a department specialising in Anatomical Pathology comprised of biologists, doctors and lab technicians.

This service collects samples of patients’ cells or tissue with the purpose to diagnose, give a prognosis and establish therapeutically-relevant data.

Comprehensive Anatomic Pathology service

We offer a comprehensive service for clinics or doctors’ offices who trust our anatomic pathology department. We provide them with personalised services, among which is a fully-secure sample collection service.

The success of our department lies in the quick response and delivery of results, which is only conditioned by the minimum time required for the technical processes, with a fluid, constant and quick communication with the doctors who use our services.

The average delivery time for results is five days for cytology and 12 days for a biopsy. By using our website, doctors may download and check the results directly from their office.

We also have a service for storing samples. This allows for reviewing each case if the doctor so requires it.


  • Cytopathology: General, abrasive or exfoliative cytology (spit, urine, effusions in body cavities, washing and brushing, etc.); gynaecological cytology (cervix-vaginal); fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC).
  • Complementary anatomic pathology tests: Intraoperative testing, immunohistochemistry analysis; molecular biology.


We use the most advanced and the most modern technology on the market, having made a significant investment in a tissue processor and a new sample tinting instrument. We have minimised the risk of formaldehyde inhalation, working with the utmost safety guarantees and making processes easier when taking samples.