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The most advanced techniques for genetic diagnostics

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Genetics at Eurofins Megalab

Specialists in genetic studies

Human DNA contains over 20,000 genes that are responsible for our characteristics, and also for certain diseases.

Genetic analyses allow us to identify DNA variations that may be the cause of a genetic disease. Therefore, we offer a wide range of genetic testing depending on the suspected disease.

At Eurofins Megalab we offer Clinical Genetics services, provided by specialised professionals with ample experience in this area. Our team offers the latest techniques in performing analyses applied to genetic diagnostics, forensic genetics, prenatal genetic analyses, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, personalised medicine, etc.

We also have a multi-disciplinary team of expert professionals in genetic counselling that will support you in your diagnostics process, your treatment and in monitoring your disease.

National leaders

Quality, efficacy and reliability in the performance of genetic testing.

Highly qualified professionals

Doctors, physicians and technical professionals specialising in genetics are all at your service.

Advanced techniques

At the Eurofins Megalab laboratories we work with the most up-to-date techniques.
Megalab is currently one of Spain’s largest laboratories.
All of our laboratories are subject to strict in-house and external quality assurance protocols.


Genetic testing allows for the implementation of steps to prevent, delay or modify the process of the disease.


Analysing genetic diseases provides knowledge on the prognosis and helps each patient handle it accordingly.


A patient can be diagnosed with a genetic disease and information can be provided to the families regarding its prevention.

Decision taking

It helps in the process to identify family members who are at risk.

Why perform genetic testing?


Hereditary diseases

If there is a hereditary disease in the family, or if it is suspected that there may be any.


Genetic predisposition

Several members of the family are genetically predisposed to a disease.


Genetics and newborns

There are prior cases in the family of newborns with congenital disorders, dysmorphia…


Fertility and pregnancy

Assess risks when planning for pregnancy or infertility.